Lavender Fields

October 12, 2015

boy with lavender bouquet essential oil trays

As winter slowly approaches I find myself drawn to images of the outdoors. I absolutely love lavender fields and the purple contrast that they provide. Not only do the lavender fields provide essential oils for humans, but also essential nutrients for butterflys honeybees and countless other creatures.

Today I am grateful for the multitude of natural resources that are truly a gift of the earth.

I am also grateful to my friends and customers, for a limited time use code "curated" for free shipping.

Thank You

How blessed I feel to have a successfull family business. Sarah and I went for a drive up the canyon to look for leaves for my newest photo shoot. What a great excuse to get out.

Autumn is now officialy here and it is a great time to get organized with our essential oil accessories, however it is an even better time to get outside and enjoy the wonderous changing of the seasons.

Thanks for making extra time with Sarah possible. Loving the family Business.

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Things are growing fast.

June 25, 2015

I can't believe how fast things are taking off around here. The demand for the E.O Trays, and Boxes has been extraordinary. I am so thankful for our suppliers who are working very hard to keep up with demand. It is so nice to see a unique U.S.A. made product take off and sell so well.

Especially, thanks to all the customers who have given great feedback. I have loved seeing the pictures of customers E.O. collections in there new trays, and boxes.